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Issue 84  Nov 04, 2013
  1. Inspired by Waves and Streams: Kan Kit-Keung's Paintings, Calligraphy and installations
  3. Flowers of the Garden: the First Decade of the HK Literature Collection at CUHK Library
  5. Launch of University Digital Initiative Website and Open Access of Chinese Rare Book Digital Collection
  7. How to Publish in Academic Journals - Talks in Oct to Nov 2013
  9. Self-study Resources for Enhancing Study Skills
  11. Learning Events @ Learning Garden
  13. The Power of Word – Dialogues in the Arts
  15. A Gentle Reminder - Returning Books and Paying Fines

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2. Flowers of the Garden: the First Decade of the HK Literature Collection at CUHK Library

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and to share with the public the fruits of the first decade of the Hong Kong Literature Collection, the University Library System and the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre jointly present this exhibition 'Flowers of the Garden: the First Decade of the HK Literature Collection at CUHK Library'.  The opening ceremony has been held on 11 October.  Mr. Liu Yichang, renowned Hong Kong writer, Prof. Joseph Sung, CUHK Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lai Pan Chiu, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Ho Che Wah, Chairman of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and Ms. Louise Jones, University Librarian of CUHK officiated at the ceremony.

In 2002, Prof. Lo Wai Luen (Xiaosi) generously donated her collection of books, journals, materials on literature and authors which she had collected for years to the University Library.  This donation helped the Library to set up the Hong Kong Literature Collection, which has become a 'garden' of literature and culture in the Library, to provide valuable primary materials to the academic community and to support the research on Hong Kong literature, culture, society and politics.  In the past 10 years, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre and the generous donations from various authors, scholars and the general public, the quality and quantity of the Collection have grown significantly and the area was expanded this year.  At present, there are more than 21,000 titles in 33,000 volumes.  Professor Lo cited a poem from Master Hong Yi in the preface of the electronic Hong Kong Literature Archive in 2005 to express her wishes for this garden.  The poem reads 'I came to plant flowers, I left with no flowers blossom.  Aren't there any flowers of beautiful colors?  To be saved for the people to come.'.

To allow members of the public have a better understanding of the multi-faceted development of Hong Kong literature from different perspectives, the exhibits are categorized into four themes: rare items, classical works, youth journals and popular literature.  Exhibits include manuscripts of Hong Kong authors such as Liu Yichang (1918- ), Sima Changfeng (1920-1980) and Xi Xi (1938- ).  Books to be exhibited include Rexue hen shuo ji ('Hot Blooded Patriots') by Sun Shoukuang (1923), Wang yao cao: san wen sui bi ji by Ye Lingfeng (1940), Heilila by Lü Lun (1941), Wu Xianggang by Qin Xining (Shu Xiangcheng) (1956).  Journals to be exhibited are Xiao shuo xing qi kan ('The novel weekly') (1924-1925), Dao shang (1930-1931), Zhongguo xuesheng zhoubao ('The Chinese student weekly') (1952-1974), and Qing nian le yuan ('Youths' garden') (1956-1967), etc. 

Through this exhibition, the University Library hopes to arouse public interest in collecting, processing, preserving and donating materials and documents on Hong Kong literature.  The exhibition is open to the public with details as follows:

Date:11 October to 17 November 2013
Venue:Exhibition Area, University Library, CUHK
Hours:Library Opening Hours

Public lectures will be conducted by renowned writers and scholars details as follows:

12 October
Books and Journals of the Old Edition New Literature of Hong KongMr. Hui Ting Ming, Author, Publisher and Book Collector
19 October
Popular LiteratureDr. Wong Chung Ming, Associate Professor,
Department of Journalism and Communication,
Hong Kong Shue Yan University
2 November
Belles lettres of the South: a glimpse at Hong Kong's classical writers and their anthologiesMs. YW Chau,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
16 November
Youth Journals: From The Chinese Student Weekly, Da Mu Zhi to Fleurs: Des LettresMr. Law Kar, Editor of The Chinese Student Weekly;
Mr. Hui Tik Cheong, Editor of Da Mu Zhi;
Ms. Tang Siu Wa, Editor of Fleurs: Des Lettres

Time2:30 PM
Venue:User Education Room 1, University Library, CUHK, Shatin
Enquiries:2603 5225 or 3943 8740

Exhibition Website: