The First Student Union

To form the College's first Student Union, College students elected members of Representative Council and Candidate Cabinet of Executive Council in November 2013.

The Representative Council

The Representative Council is the highest body for the daily supervision of the Union, and acts as the representative for members of the Union; it is responsible for supervising the Executive Council and Affiliated Societies, as well as other affairs as prescribed by the Constitution of the Student Union. The term of office of the Representative Council is from 1 February 2014 to 31 January 2015, and the list of members is as follows:





LI Shau Yin


CHOI Azura Yuk Chin


TANG Tianyi


CHOI Nga Ting

General Affairs Officer 

LO Cham Sze


The Executive Council

The Executive Council is the highest institution of the Union in its daily executive operation.  A Confirmation Vote for the Candidate Cabinet of the Executive Council will be held from 17 to 21 February 2014, after the completion of the consultation forums. The Candidate Cabinet, once confirmed by a majority, will assume duty as the Executive Council.


Genesis, signifying the first and the start, is the name of Candidate Cabinet of the Executive Council of CW Chu College Student Union. Genesis will be part of the history of CW Chu College, the pioneer of the College in making the College a better community for all its members.

Genesis draws its members from different parts of the world. Two members are from Mainland China while one is from Thailand. The mix of different cultural backgrounds echos the vision of the College.

Cabinet members of Genesis are as follows:





CHAN Pak Hei, Stephen

External Vice-President

CHAN Cheuk Kiu, Jefferson

Internal Vice-President

LI Shelagh


LUO Jingyu, Lesley


CHOW Tsz Ching, Cynthia

Publications and Design

WANG Haoran, Howard


CHOI Sheung Yin, Peter

Sports and Leisure

LIU Heng, Popular













Members of Representative Council
Members of Representative Council
Cabinet members of Genesis
Cabinet members of Genesis

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