High Table Dinners

Two High Table Dinners were held in Term 1 of the academic year 2013–14.

First High Table Dinner and Inauguration Ceremony

Date : 3 September 2013 (Tuesday)

Venue : Indoor Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Shaw College

Guest : Professor Ambrose King

Theme : Inauguration Ceremony


The First High Table Dinner of the academic year     201314 was held on the second day of the new school year.  On that occasion, the College invited Professor Ambrose King, eminent sociologist and former Vice-Chancellor, to speak on The role of a college in a university — a topic close to the heart of Professor King as the author of well-known and widely-read books on the idea of a university, on Cambridge and on Heidelberg, and on the intellectual history of Chinese modernization. Professor Wong Suk Ying, Dean of Students, also took this opportunity to introduce the first batch of incoming exchange Students to members of the College.  CW Chu College is grateful to Shaw College for the use of the Hall.



Second High Table Dinner and Founders' Day Celebration 2013

Date : 12 November 2013 (Tuesday)

Venue : Ron's Kitchen, Hong Kong Science Park

Guest : Mr Philip Liao, Design Architect of CW Chu College Campus

Theme : CU 50 : CWC 05


Please see the article on 'College Founders' Day 2013' for details of the second High Table Dinner.



Professor Ambrose King
Professor Ambrose King
College Fellows
College Fellows
College students attending the first High Table Dinner of the academic year 2013–14
College students attending the first High Table Dinner of the academic year 2013–14
College Fellows and incoming exchange students
College Fellows and incoming exchange students

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