Language Enhancement Programme

Movie Night Series

To complement formal classes offered by different University units, CW Chu College organizes various informal activities for students to enhance their English and Putonghua skills.  As part of the College Language Enhancement Programme, four movies (two in English and two in Putonghua) recommended by the College Life Committee were/ will be played on selected evenings in this academic year.

Term 1, 2013–14

First Movie Night

Date :  5 November 2013

Movie : My Fair Lady


Second Movie Night

Date : 13 November 2013

Movie : So Young 《致我們即將逝去的青春》


Term 2, 2013–14

Third Movie Night

Date : 13 January 2014

Movie : Troy


Forth Movie Night

Date : 13 February 2014

Movie : American Dreams in China 《中國合夥人》


Professor Kenneth Young introducing the background of Movie Troy
Professor Kenneth Young introducing the background of Movie Troy

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