Communal Dinner Talks

In Term 1 of the academic year 2013–14, the College started to engage students to promote student activities and share their experiences: on exchanges, on service projects, and on study trips abroad. 

Term 1, 2013–14

12 Sep 2013


Provisional Student Union

Promotion of Student Union election

Miss Connie Lam,     Office of Student Affairs

Briefing session on Student Development Portfolio

1117 Sep 2013

Miss Pearl Yan

Recruitment talk on Project Little Dream

25 Sep 2013

Student Honour Code Committee

Promotion of Honour Code

10 Oct 2013

CWC Service Team

Sharing on summer service experience

30 Oct 2013

Student participants

Sharing on trip experience (a) medical service in Watoto, Uganda (b) study trip to Yunus Centre in Bangladesh


Sharing by Service Team on the Service Project


The College Service team launched its first project entitled ʻUnderstanding Socially Disadvantaged School Youths Through a Social Service Endeavourʼ last year.


The aim of the project is to promote the all-round development of College students engagement in a social service learning project.  In collaboration with Po Leung Kuk CW Chu (PLKCWC) College, a local secondary school with a large number of socio-economically disadvantaged students and academically low achievers, the project specifically addressed the importance of understanding the reality and dynamics of social deprivation and value orientations through experiencing a social service learning venture.


Carissa Ma

They have surprised me by not just defying, but rising above all stereotypes. Getting to know them has been a truly humbling and eye-opening experience.  In giving them hope and strength through encouraging words and gestures, I have gained courage from a deeper understanding of their trials and struggles.


Chesley Yip

I am sure our care planted some seeds in their hearts.


Sharing on Uganda Service Trip


Three of our Medicine students, namely Miss Fung Wing Ming, Miss Mak Hoi Ying Stephenie and Miss Tsang Wai Tak, joined the CUHK Joint College Medical Team for a service and learning trip to Watoto, Uganda between 19 June and 1 July.  During the trip, the medical team offered medical services and healthcare education for residents in local villages, aside from giving training sessions for healthcare personnel in babies' home at Watoto.


Stephanie Mak

During the trip to Africa, we visited a few Watoto villages and babies' homes; we also grasped the chance to provide medical services to the Watoto children and HIV-positive women in one of Watoto's projects – Living Hope.  Although only completing my first year of medical studies, I had the chance to take part in various clinical procedures; in terms of knowledge, I have definitely gained a lot of useful skills.  In terms of career aspirations, however, I was most touched by Watoto's vision in developing future leaders to rebuild the nation.  Seeing the children living happily, despite a scarred past, shows how important these life-changing agents can be, thereby encouraging me to be a doctor who not only treats the disease, but the patient as a whole.


Fung Wing Ming

I have got much more than I had expected from the trip. As a medical student completing just the first year, I had never taken vitals or done history taking, let alone met a patient.  However, on this trip, I was given a chance to work with senior students and medical professionals in clinics. Clinical work, especially those in our clinic at Living Hope, was fairly stressful.  That day I spent a lot of time in the pharmacy station.  It was really chaotic in the afternoon. Nevertheless, no mistake was allowed…  This trip motivates me to study hard in med school so that I can better equip myself and serve my patients with my medical knowledge in the future.  When I compare what they have gone through with my own difficulties, I found myself have no reason to mourn. I shall face my difficulties with a positive attitude.


Tsang Wai Tak

As a year 1 student of medical school, I really learnt a lot of things in this trip. It was my first time ever to have clinical exposures. ... These experiences made me realize my inabilities and encouraged me to study hard in the coming years.  I have observed that there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor in Uganda. We knew that the culprit of this issue is a corrupt government, so I hope that the future leaders who are being educated by Watoto now can lead the country to a bright future one day. 


Sharing on Yunus Trip


CW Chu College, in collaboration with Education for Good (EFG), launched four workshops to introduce students to social entrepreneurship.  As follow-up to the workshops, two College students, Miss Pearl Yan and Miss Peng Hejiahui, took part in a weeklong Yunus Centre Study Trip to Bangladesh, starting from 22 June 2013.  During the trip, they learned about and experienced social entrepreneurship in the setting of a developing country.


Pearl Yan

The trip to Bangladesh has motivated me to get involved in social entrepreneurship in a global scale.  It was an eye-opening experience not only because it enabled me to witness poverty but also made me realize how a person like Muhammad Yunus addresses the problem.  I am grateful that I met the participants in this trip who come from diverse backgrounds and they helped me to understand the world in a wider perspective.


Peng Hejiahui

Through this trip, my understanding of social entrepreneurship has been turned upside down, and I am even beginning to seriously consider doing something related to social entrepreneurship.... When I discuss with fellow students in the College how my eyes have been opened; we were so fired with enthusiasm. ... This trip to Bangladesh is absolutely one of the smartest decisions I made in Year 1.



Communal Dining
Communal Dining
Exchange students joining communal dining
Exchange students joining communal dining
Chesley Yip
Chesley Yip
Stephenie Mak
Stephenie Mak
Fung Wing Ming (right) and Tsang Wai Tak
Fung Wing Ming (right) and Tsang Wai Tak
Pearl Yan
Pearl Yan
Peng Hejiahui
Peng Hejiahui

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