The Honour Code Pledging Ceremony

The Honour Code Pledging Ceremony for the second cohort took place during the Extended Orientation on 27 September 2013.

Professor Stephen Hall, the Chair of the Student Discipline Committee, started the ceremony with an opening speech. On behalf of the Student Honour Code Committee (SHCC), Miss Amber Lin, Chair of SHCC, also spoke about the honour code. Students then stood together in College robes, placed their hands on their hearts, and made the following solemn promise in front of College teachers:

As a student member of the CW Chu community, I pledge on my honour to comport myself with honesty, integrity and courtesy in my academic and personal life. I understand that failure to observe these standards violates the Honour Code and undermines the community of trust and respect, of which we are all stewards.


After the pledging, students signed the Honour Pledge in front of the members of SHCC and promised to be self-disciplined.

Honour Code Pledging
Honour Code Pledging
Professor Stephen Hall
Professor Stephen Hall
Miss Amber Lin
Miss Amber Lin
Students signing the Honour Pledge
Students signing the Honour Pledge

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