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We are pleased to bring to you Issue 8 of the College Newsletter, which summarizes the events and achievements since the beginning of the academic year.  It has been a busy and exciting half year: our second cohort of students have assimilated very well, and we also had a significant number of incoming exchange students.  The first Student Union will soon formally take office, building on the foundation established by the Provisional Student Union. 

There have been many activities to enrich student life and learning; these are recorded in this Issue.  Most significantly, the College buildings were completed in mid-December and students moved in, with much delight, during term break.  As the College community settles in, more activities will be launched — and we hope to be able to share these with you in our next Issue.

College students participating in a hike
College students participating in a hike

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From the Editor
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Beautiful Memories on Shing Mun River
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College Founders' Day 2013
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