New Campus, New Prospect

CW Chu College officially relocated to its new campus on 27 December 2013, marking a milestone in the College's history.  It was no more than 12 °C in the morning, but students started to leave International House Block 3 one after another from 9 am onwards. With the help of College staff, they carried their luggage and moved into the College premises situated at the Campus Circuit North.

The students gathered at the new campus well before the move-in time, discussing the remarkable campus design, praising the exterior of the premises and looking forward to the life in new hostel as well.  The design of College campus respects the traditional CUHK building elements and is presented in modern architectural language through three linked buildings.  Enclosed by the three wings is a central piazza, which creates a sense of community and identity for the small college of 300 students.  The accommodations are on the upper floors of the building, for privacy and seclusion.  The dining, administrative, teaching and conference facilities occupy the base, for easy access, while the student communal facilities and activities floor is sandwiched in between, so as to promote interactions among students.

With excitement and anticipation, the students lined up immediately when the College staff started handling their check-in procedures.  After collecting the keys, they could not wait to rush to their new rooms. When entering their rooms, they were stunned by the view, featuring refreshing trees and hills to the Southwest and Tolo Harbour to the Northeast. Students appeared more than happy about their well-equipped rooms, which provide sufficient storage space and comfortable beds.

The College provides 300 hostel spaces.  Aside from providing accommodation to our 150 College students (including incoming exchange students) in Term 2 of the academic year 2013–14, we also offer hostel places to some students from New Asia College, Shaw College and the Graduate School.  All College students and the other residents moved into the hostel in phases between late December 2013 and early January 2014.

After a month in the new campus, the College students have generally adapted to the new environment.  They are particularly delighted with the opportunities for interaction and activities.  The Green Deck on the second floor provides a cozy environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, while the activity rooms, fitness room, music room, mini-library and reading room on the same floor cater to various needs of students.  The tree-lined trail next to the Campus Circuit North becomes a good place for students to exercise: walking, jogging and cycling.


College's new campus
College's new campus
Students moving out of International House Block 3 with their luggage
Students moving out of International House Block 3 with their luggage
Students lined up for collecting room keys
Students lined up for collecting room keys

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New Campus, New Prospect
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