Incoming Exchange Students

In Term 1 of the academic year 2013–14, CW Chu College received a total of 26 incoming exchange students (12 female and 14 male) from various origins, including Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK and USA.  Three of them will stay at the College for the entire academic year.  To welcome these students, an informal reception was arranged on 29 August 2013.  Apart from the College Master and the Dean of Students, members of the External Links and Exchange Committee and College Advisors for incoming exchange students attended the gathering to greet these new comers.  They had a cordial exchange.

Incoming exchange students lived together with College students in International House Block 3 in Term 1. Roommates were assigned to promote mixing. Exchange students also joined College communal dinners.  These arrangements enabled students to come into contact with other cultures and learn to get along with those from other places.  Three new incoming exchange students from Denmark, Sweden and USA joined the College in Term 2, and have moved into the College hostel.  

Professor Zhou Xunyu attending the informal reception for incoming exchange students
Professor Zhou Xunyu attending the informal reception for incoming exchange students
Exchange students joining communal dining
Exchange students joining communal dining

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