19. 01. 2020    ISSUE 23

I·CARE Achievers Programme - Value Exploration Series

The “Value Exploration Series” of the I·CARE Achievers Programme aims to enhance self-awareness and good qualities of CUHK members through a series of activities on character building, thereby promoting positive development of the community and the world.  Two activities under this series were organised in the first term, namely “Mindfulness Day” and “Remoulding Camp”.

The “Mindfulness Day” was nicely concluded on the 2nd of November last year at Casphalt in Tuen Mun.  Participants first learnt about the theory and application of “mindfulness” including among others how they may observe their own mind and reorient themselves towards the important matters in life, then followed by sharing of their thoughts and worries with one another.  In the afternoon session, the trainer played the singing bowl and led participants to practise mindful eating, mindful hiking and mindful communication.  Participants were encouraged to be honest with their feeling and to re-experience their lives with new perspectives.

As for the “Remoulding Camp”, it was successfully held on the 19th to 21st of December last year at Yi O Agricultural Cooperation and Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre, Tai O.  The 3-day-2-night camp aimed to provide participants with a pit stop away from their busy campus life for re-recognising themselves and tasting the Mother Nature.  The camp covered a wide range of activities including hiking at Fu Shan, eco-tours, farming, Shaolin morning exercises and meditation during the daytime.  In respective nights, there were a “Seminar on Character Strengths” and a “Dialogue of Guests”.  The former helped participants take a deep look at various values through the film screening of The Blind Side and the subsequent discussion led by the trainer from the Character Education Foundation.  Regarding the latter, Prof. Joseph Sung (Overseer of the I·CARE Achievers Programme) and Mr. Ricky Wong Wai-kay (Chairman and Co-founder of Hong Kong Television Network Limited) launched a candid dialogue on the topic “Strength in Adversity” with the facilitation by Ms. Irene Ng, the Director of this Centre.  They also had an in-depth exchange with the participants.  On the last day, participants utilised the format of sharing and a poster displaying their own character strengths so as to wrap up their gains from the camp.

In the second term, the “Value Exploration Series” of the I·CARE Achievers Programme will continue to organise an array of activities.  If you have any enquiries, please contact Miss Wong of this Centre via 3943 1595 (Tel) or chloewong@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Achievers Programme: Value Exploration Series
I·CARE Achievers Programme: Value Exploration Series
I·CARE Achievers Programme: Value Exploration Series
I·CARE Achievers Programme: Value Exploration Series
I·CARE Achievers Programme: Value Exploration Series

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