19. 01. 2020    ISSUE 23

I·CARE Theatre - The Lives of Others

Organised by this Centre, the I·CARE Theatre is supported by The Office of the Arts Administrator and originally arranged two films to be screened and discussed in November of last year.  Due to the social incidents, the above events were postponed.

One of the screenings, Cloud Atlas, was successfully re-scheduled for the 14th of this month which attracted an attendance of hundreds of CUHK students, staff and alumni.  At the post-screening discussion, the host Dr. Allan Au of the School of Journalism and Communication made an ardent and meaningful exchange with the audience.

Another screening which is on The Lives of Others*, as well as its post-screening discussion were also allotted a new schedule.  Details are as follows:

Film Screening

Date : 6 February 2020 (Thursday)
Time : 7:00 pm
Venue : Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
Duration : 137 minutes
Language : In German with Chinese subtitles
Director : Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Post-screening Discussion

Date : 6 February 2020 (Thursday)
Time : 9:25 pm
Venue : Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
Host : Prof. Chow Po-chung (Department of Government and Public Administration)
Language : Cantonese

Would all interested CUHK students, staff and alumni please visit here for online registration and to obtain more information about the I·CARE Theatre.  If you have enrolled previously, re-registration is not required.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Ho of this Centre at 3943 8621 (Tel) or icare@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).



In 1984, East Germany’s secret police agent Wiesler was ordered to spy on the playwright Dreyman and his girlfriend Sieland.  Under all-round surveillance of Dreyman, Wiesler found himself gradually absorbed by the lives of the couple and even had forgotten about his motive in the first place.

Until one day, Dreyman published an anonymous article in a prominent West German newsweekly to reveal the long-concealed truth to the world, which infuriated the East German authorities.  Sieland was therefore arrested and interrogated about the identity of the anonymous author.  The author was not identified because of insufficient information.  Years later, Dreyman was shocked to learn that he had been under full surveillance.  He then realised that it was Wiesler who had concealed his illegal activities……

This film was named the Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards.


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I·CARE Theatre - The Lives of Others

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