19. 01. 2020    ISSUE 23

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

The I·CARE Community Research Scheme of this academic year runs a research project on “Grassroots Housing”, which drew 17 students from different disciplines as members.  This project studies the causes and impacts of “inadequate housing” and the approaches towards securing “grassroots’ right to housing” through investigation of the impact of domestic bedbug infestation and through oral history interviews.

The project members have already completed a series of basic training to get to know the overall living condition of the grassroots in Hong Kong, and to understand the communal outbreak of bedbugs in recent years as well as the relevant precaution measures.  They have also learnt several research methods including sample collection, questionnaire survey, and oral history interview.  Currently, members are conducting home visits in various districts to identify suitable subjects for case studies and in-depth interviews.

On the other hand, the project titled “Study of the Child Caretaker in Grass-roots Families” under the I·CARE Community Research Scheme of the last academic year was nicely concluded.  Project members announced the research result in the form of a presentation given to around 40 audiences on the unique challenges faced by the “Independent Child Caretakers” on the 30th of October last year at the Agape Community Care Centre, Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service.  Several experiential activities were arranged for the audience to arouse public concern about the caretakers and to promote the development of caretaking services.  Members also demonstrated two sets of stretching exercise designed by themselves which help the caretakers ease their muscle strains and introduced an online platform that they had developed to facilitate the caretakers’ access to community support services.

To gain more understanding of the outcomes of the “Study of the Child Caretaker in Grass-roots Families”, you may refer to the detailed report here (available in Chinese only).  For more information about the I·CARE Community Research Scheme, please click here or contact Mr. Ng of this Centre at 3943 9249 (Tel)/ enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update
I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update
I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update
I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

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