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Sharing Sessions about Social Services

The I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme of this Centre organisied three training activities on the 15th and 21st of October last year, and on the 15th of January this year respectively.  These activities were conducted for students who aspire to implement social services, particularly those having submitted applications for subsidies under the aforesaid scheme.  They are expected to be equipped with competence in actualising their ideas.

The 1st training activity is the Sharing Session on “The Power of Youth: Bringing Sustainable Impact to the Society”.  The guest Ms. Carman Wong, Executive Secretary (Youth Leadership, International & Mainland Affairs Service) of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, talked about her experience of implementing social services and the essence of designing a service project.  She also delineated, using a couple of local and overseas service projects as examples, how youngsters could take advantage of their distinctive characters to launch innovative services.  In substance, she encouraged participants to understand the needs of the service recipients before they leverage their own interests and expertise to devise a unique service plan which is able to benefit the wellbeing of the society.  Above all, the participants were reminded to keep the passion alive and to overcome all kinds of challenges with endurance.

The 2nd training activity is the Workshop of Practice cum Sharing Session where four outstanding teams funded by the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme were invited to share their experience with the participants.  The projects are: (1) “Love·Care·Boundaryless 360” which served asylum seekers in Hong Kong; (2) “2019 Medical Outreachers Sichuan Medical Education and Service Trip” which promoted hygiene education in Sichuan, China; (3) “Doctor of Excellence Cambodia Service Trip” which conducted medical services in Cambodia and (4) “Nepal Medical Service Trip: Project Namtar 4” which provided health education services in Nepal.

As for the 3rd training activity, it had Mr. Richard Lee, Functional Manager of the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing and Mr. Herman Chan, Founder of Eldpathy, to preside at the Sharing Session on “Beyond Age Barriers - Understanding the Elders’ Needs”.  Both of them shared on the phenomenon of ageing in Hong Kong and the elements in designing services for the elders.  Participants had also experienced the deteriorating physical condition of the elders through the “Elderly Simulation Activity”, which allowed them to try on braces, ankle weights, and blurry eyeglasses, etc., so as to understand the difficulties faced by and the needs of the senior citizens.

For more information about the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme, please visit here.  If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Fung of this Centre at 3943 9860 (Tel) or mayfung@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Sharing Sessions about Social Services
Sharing Sessions about Social Services
Sharing Sessions about Social Services
Sharing Sessions about Social Services

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Sharing Sessions about Social Services

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