19. 01. 2020    ISSUE 23

The 2nd Core Group under I·CARE Achievers Programme

The “Core Group Nurture” under the I·CARE Achievers Programme of this academic year had its selection interview conducted in October last year, and finally recruited 30 students to form the 2nd core group of this programme since its inception.  These core group members were then divided into four small teams in accordance with their own interest namely hiking, marathon, farming and camping.  At the introductory session, they not only learnt the content and requirement of the programme, but also mingled among themselves.  The session was climaxed by the signing of the I·CARE Pledge by each member, which symbolised their commitment to the programme.

Following the introductory session was a three-day induction programme kick-started by the “Training Camp on Leadership” on the 26th of October at Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp.  Members took part in a wide range of high-angle adventure-based and problem-solving activities which strengthened their self-esteem, perseverance and leadership.  Their teamwork was established at the same time.  On the 9th of November, members joined a “Retreat Day” in Tsz Shan Monastery situated at Tai Po.  Through a number of non-religious experiential activities, e.g. Zen calligraphy, water offering and silent meal, members achieved inner serenity and raised their self-awareness.  The last part of the three-day induction programme was the “Self-acquaintance Workshop” held on the 18th of this month.  Two components, “Live-Out-Love” and “Personality Dimensions®”, were covered in the morning and afternoon respectively.  While the former facilitated members’ enhancement of the virtues like empathy and appreciation, the latter allowed them to learn more about their own personality traits and those of their fellows through games.

In coming days, members will be placed under the framework of the “Core Group Nurture” of the I·CARE Achievers Programme to foster their all-round development.  They are required to complete a series of challenging tasks and a number of co-curricular activities.

If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Wong of this Centre at 3943 1595 (Tel) or chloewong@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

The 2nd Core Group under I·CARE Achievers Programme
The 2nd Core Group under I·CARE Achievers Programme
The 2nd Core Group under I·CARE Achievers Programme
The 2nd Core Group under I·CARE Achievers Programme

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