19. 01. 2020    ISSUE 23

Mother Nature Rocks: Rolled out in a Stream

The Mother Nature Rocks, a brand-new programme of this Centre, successfully organised two tours in the first term.  The response was overwhelming such that over hundred students had failed to be admitted.  In the 1st tour titled “Caving × Wading × Hiking”, participants went hiking and eco-touring around Shing Mun Reservoir and also had a joyful wading experience.  As for the 2nd tour titled “Photography × Hiking”, participants completed the Lion Rock hike and took photographs of the beautiful sunset scene on their way back.

The 3rd tour of the Mother Nature Rocks on “Chinese New Year × Flower Photography × Hiking” is now open for enrolment.  All full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcomed.  Details are as follows:

Date : 30 January 2020 (Thursday)
Time : 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Route : Pak Tam Chung > Man Yee Au > Tai Cham Koi > Pak Tam Road >
    Sai Kung Town Centre (the actual trail may vary depending on the 
    weather conditions of the day)
Language : Cantonese, supplemented with English
Quota : 25 (on a first-come-first-served basis)
Fee : Free of charge
Deposit : HK$100 (refunded upon attendance on the event day)
Enrolment : Please click here
Deadline : 11:59 pm of 20 January 2020 (Monday)

The Mother Nature Rocks aims to encourage students to explore the city’s countryside and to experience the nature afresh.  In this programme, Plain Hiker is engaged to assist in running hiking tours.  Features of eco-tourism, photography, etc. will be incorporated into the tours to bring participants new perspectives on the astonishing beauty of nature.

For enquiries, please contact Miss Li of this Centre via 3943 2306 (Tel) or laurali@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Mother Nature Rocks: Rolled out in a Stream
Mother Nature Rocks: Rolled out in a Stream
Mother Nature Rocks: Rolled out in a Stream

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