2023 Aug | Volume 192

IT Tools to Handle Data of Academic Collaboration, Study & Office Work

As a student, a teaching staff or a staff to support your department administration, you deal with different data and files every day. Some are for personal, while some, for collaborative work. Here we show you what can facilitate your “data life”. 

  1. Data Collection 

    Here are 2 popular survey and online form platforms we have: 

    • Qualtrics, a leading survey platform with worldwide notability 

      • Merit: It supports a wide range of question types, distribution, response tracking and handy reporting interfaces. Projects in Qualtrics can be shared among CUHK staff and students. 

      • Suit: Staff or students to conduct survey for academic research and sophisticated data analysis. 

    • CU WebForm, a customized platform based on CUHK department need or usage 

      • Merit: It supports basic question types and reporting. The form created can be limited to specific user group such as by college. Forms and statistics are shared among department users. 

      • Suit: Departments to collect simple user response or application.  

  2. Invitation to Others

    Now, let’s talk about what to use while inviting input and response. 

    • URL Shortening service, a customized service to create a decent and precise weblink for promotion.  

      • Merit: You can get a link in the format of https://cuhk.hk/xxx and a QR code with CUHK emblem. For example, our service introductino page has been shortened as https://cuhk.hk/short-url. 

      • Suit: Departments or projects which will publicize or promote a specific weblink  

  3. Data Analysis

    After collecting statistics, you will need a tool to study through your data. 

    • Power BI, a free powerful tool to create interactive data visuals and share insights 

      • Merit: It supports a wider range of charts and visuals than Excel does. Data import is handy with its compatibility with different data sources (from Excel to SQL database). You may share your working files to others to continue your work. 

      • Suit: Staff / departments require regular reports; students require regular data review  

  4. Data Filing & Exchange 

    Now, let’s find a common ground to share and file your findings and thoughts. 

    • OneDrive, a free cloud storage to support collaboration and sharing 

      • Merit: Its size is up to 1TB / 5TB and it supports basic permission control.
      • Suit: staff / student for personal use; departments for project / unit use (please apply for project accounts). 

    • Department SharePoint, a cloud site to let users create, share, and manage content, documents, and information across the department 

      • Merit: It supports permission control to store department documents accessible by department staff. 

      • Suit: departments (please apply for a SharePoint site for your department). 

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