2023 Aug | Volume 192

Annual OnePass Password Expiry

The Annual Expiry of the OnePass Password exercise* will take place in this Oct.  

The expiry date will be announced soon through mass mails with NO clickable link or attachment.   

Upon your receipt of mass mails, please change your OnePass password on or before it expires.   
Otherwise, you cannot access CUHK IT services until your password is change.   

  1. Change password by clicking “Change Password” at the login page of MyCUHK / Blackboard / Microsoft services.   

  2. Do not forget your other accounts (department / project, external user, student organization and alumni association accounts) 

  3. Do not reuse passwords from other accounts.  

  4. Remember to update the passwords stored in your smartphone and/or PC after changing the password (action checklist).   


This exercise is NOT applicable to the following. Therefore, no mass mail will be sent to the related staff or students:  

  • Accounts which have changed password changed on or after 1 Jul 2023  
  • New students in 2023/24 or new staff who join CUHK on or after 1 Jul 2023  


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