2023 Aug | Volume 192

Welcome back! What’s New about Us?
Welcome back to CUHK! 
After this summer, there have been some changes and updates about using IT services in CUHK. Have a glance at what they are! 

Compulsory 2FA for ALL System / Service Logins with OnePass Password
As mentioned in issue 191, we are enforcing the use of 2-factor authentication (DUO 2FA) to protect EVERY login of CUHKers.

IT Tools to Handle Data of Academic Collaboration, Study & Office Work
As a student, a teaching staff or a staff to support your department administration, you deal with different data and files every day. Some are for personal, while some, for collaborative work. Here we show you what can facilitate your “data life. 

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Facility Management, from Security to Operation Needs

IT Starter Kit for New Staff & Student

Any Upgrade / Updates Needed for Your Computer / Server?

Annual OnePass Password Expiry

“Hello” from Hackers to Steal Your Login or Money

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