2023 Aug | Volume 192

Welcome back! What’s New about Us?

Welcome back to CUHK! 
After this summer, there have been some changes and updates about using IT services in CUHK. Have a glance at what they are!

  1. With Card / Cardless to Travel Across CUHK

  2. Security Enhancement - Logins with Compulsory 2FA for All Staff 

    While users are more familiar with the use of DUO 2FA, 2FA is COMPULSORY to log in ALL University IT systems in 2023/24. Read our next article for more!  

  3. Smooth Experience in Connecting CUHK Network Service

    • The CUHK VPN solution for staff and students has been unified since Aug 2023. You will be good to go by app installation and login.  

    • ITSC has been working close with student hostel management in reviewing the Internet service provisioning. More hostels have been switching to Internet Service Provider (ISP) Wired Broadband for better performance and 24x7 frontline support. 

  4. Enriching User Support and Education

    • With the overwhelming participation and feedback of ITSC training earlier in T2, 2022 – 2023, ITSC will launch another IT training series from Nov 2023 and re-run some popular sessions. Stay tuned!

    • Chatbot will be introduced in ITSC website in Sep to answer your enquiries about ITSC services. 

  5. Keeping IT Facilities on Trend 

    • ITSC communal areas, including Learning Commons and training rooms in User Areas will be upgraded to Windows 11 and Office 2021 in Sep 2023. Other equipped software versions will be updated to stay in support. 

    • Other than Octopus Card payment, ITSC printing service at Learning Commons also supports Alipay HK payment. 

Support & Contact Us

To check out the latest from us, we can always follow our publication and social media channels: 


We are also there to support you and are providing extensive service hours during the 1st two weeks of T1, 2023-24. Please feel free to contact us at 

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Welcome back! What’s New about Us?

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