26. 07. 2020    ISSUE 25

List of Winners of S.I. Leadership Award

The Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK, which is an affiliate of this Centre, has introduced the S.I. Leadership Award for application by the CUHK students and alumni who are interested in social innovation.  This award, paired up with training activities and team coaching, serves to encourage participants to advance existing services or products to meet social needs.

In this academic year, altogether 21 teams went through a half-year training and coaching.  At the end, seven teams were able to formulate their operation plans to compete for the S.I. Leadership Award.  They attended the Project Presentation Day held on the 27th of June to introduce their projects to the judging panel comprised of the following:

- Ms. Fermi Wong (Founder of Hong Kong Unison)
- Mr. Spencer Ma (Registered Social Worker)
- Prof. Wong Hung (Director, Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK)
- Dr. Claire Wang (Centre Administrative Secretary, Yunus Social Business Centre at

The judging panel gave the teams valuable advice on their project ideas, feasibility and level of social impact.  After serious consideration, the list of winners of the S.I. Leadership Award has been confirmed and is shown as follows:

Award Team Synopsis of Project
(per team)


Implementing a “flipped classroom” strategy through integration of music and technology to offer voluntary music training and instrument subsidies to the underprivileged students.  Students will then acquire qualification to become music teachers and sustain the voluntary teaching service for the next generation.
Think Pig Digital Specialising in affordable and quality digital marketing training and support service for local social enterprises so as to strengthen their market competitiveness.
Certificate of Social Innovation Award SciTouch To adopt a multisensory teaching and learning approach to aid students, particularly the ethnic minority ones, in understanding the science subjects.
Bringing Love and Peace in Home as Workplace To offer training and consultation service on “non-violent communication” and spiritual growth to the employers of domestic helpers.  It aims to improve the relationship between domestic helpers and their employers and foster a harmonious family/ working environment, and hence a loving and peaceful society.

For more information about the S.I. Leadership Award, please click here to visit the Facebook page of Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK.  If you have any enquiry, please contact Ms. Chan of this Centre at ysbc@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

List of Winners of S.I. Leadership Award
List of Winners of S.I. Leadership Award
List of Winners of S.I. Leadership Award

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List of Winners of S.I. Leadership Award

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