26. 07. 2020    ISSUE 25

I·CARE Received Award of Y-Care CSR Scheme

This Centre is delighted to receive the “New Partner” award under the Y-Care CSR Scheme 2018-19 from the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (CYMCA).  The two units first had associations with each other by the participation of this Centre’s Director in the judging work of the CYMCA’s Be a Global Citizen Campaign Award Scheme.  They furthered cooperation on the grooming of CUHK students as social service providers and the dissemination of personal protective equipment to the community.

The Y-Care CSR Scheme Award was launched by CYMCA in 2015 with an aim to commend its collaborative units which have offered support and services to the underprivileged.  The awardees for this year comprised over 40 organisations, 21 of which are named “New Partner”. In the light of recent development of COVID-19, the award presentation ceremony of Y-Care CSR Scheme cum Sport-Friendly Action was conducted in the form of online playback.  Mr. Karl Lau, General Secretary of CYMCA, delivered a welcome speech; while Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and Dr. Kevin Lau, Convenor of the Sub-committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering of the Social Welfare Department, shared with the audience the benefits brought about to the society through corporate social responsibility.

For viewing of the award presentation ceremony and the list of recognised corporations, please click here.

I·CARE Received Award of Y-Care CSR Scheme
I·CARE Received Award of Y-Care CSR Scheme

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I·CARE Received Award of Y-Care CSR Scheme

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