26. 07. 2020    ISSUE 25

I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Year Recap

The I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme encourages students to organise and implement self-initiated social services to facilitate positive growth of the local, regional and global communities.  Three rounds of vetting are originally available in this academic year, but the first two of them were called off due to persistent social movement and COVID-19 outbreak respectively.  The 3rd round was conducted successfully as the epidemic situation had manifested signs of relative stability.

Following the structure of the previous schemes, the 3rd round’s exercise went through a series of training activities, individual coaching and proposal vetting by the panel comprising five professors and the Director of this Centre.  Approximately HK$630,000 were eventually set aside for nine projects with a brief account of them as below:

Name Objective
Local (five projects)
Building Ourselves Empowering youth-at-risk
Love ∙ Care ∙ Boundaryless Lessening economic and psychological pressure of asylum seekers
RareHoliday - Local Tours for Rare Disease Patients and Families Exploring the community with patients with rare disease and their families
Community Physical and Mental Health Scheme Providing Chinese medical consultation for the underprivileged
Slasher Providing career planning and guidance for secondary school students
Mainland & Taiwan (two projects) 
2020 Medical Outreachers Sichuan Medical Education and Service Trip Promoting health education in Liangshan
Service Trip to Pingtung, Taiwan Providing voluntary teaching for primary school students in Pingtung
Overseas (two projects) 
Nepal Community Health Project 2020 (Project Bharta) Promoting health education in remote areas in Nepal
Pathfinder Cambodia Volunteer Service 2020 Promoting health education in impoverished areas in Cambodia

With regard to the training activities, different themes including “proposal writing skills”, “impact of overseas service learning”, “design of elderly service” and “experience shared by successful project teams” were touched on despite all kinds of scrapes.  Some of them had welcomed participation of interested students and staff who were not applicants for subsidies from the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme.

The scheme for 2020-21 will soon commence.  Stay tuned for the announcement.  For enquiries, please contact Miss Fung of this Centre at 3943 9860 (Tel) or mayfung@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Year Recap
I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Year Recap
I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Year Recap

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