26. 07. 2020    ISSUE 25

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: From Incubation to Award-winning

The Social Enterprise Startup Scheme of this academic year selected 16 teams from numerous enrolled projects for receiving a half-year training and individual coaching.  These teams had to formulate business plans if they wished to compete for the CUSE Fund.  Finally, 14 teams were deemed eligible by their respective mentors for attending the Project Presentation Day held on the 30th of June before the judging panel comprised of the following:

- Mr. Eric Yip (Chairman of AM Partners (Capital) Co., Ltd.)
- Mr. Gordon Lam (Former Management Director of Citicorp China Investment
  Management Limited)
- Mr. Angus Chau (Executive Director of Smart Express International Holdings Limited)
- Mr. Simon Ngai (Council Member of General Chamber of Social Enterprise)
- Mr. Edmond Wong (Former Chief Executive of Raiffeisen Bank International AG Hong
  Kong Branch)
- Mr. Ivan Chak (Director of Charterwood Assets Limited)

After serious consideration, the winners of the CUSE Fund were selected and the list of them is set out below:

Award Team Synopsis of Project
(per team)

name only)

To establish an online platform for rendering Chinese medicine healthcare services and product sales, thereby promoting the application of Chinese medicine in public health.
Hot Bath Utilising technology to invent a bathing device for the elderly with less mobility to perform self-care during their baths.
name only)
To promote community cohesion in a deprived neighbourhood through train-the-trainer courses, communal performance and original music production with professional acappella as the means.
Gowld Arts Centre By collaborating with local artists, the course fees collected from wealthy art students will be re-channelled to support underprivileged students. The latter is expected to be able to receive quality creative education so as to enhance their self-development and presentation skills.
of Merit
Be/lief Offering tailored yoga classes to young breast cancer patients to address their physical, mental and social needs, thereby increasing the recovery rate of breast cancer patients in Hong Kong.

Under this academic year’s Social Enterprise Startup Scheme, five training activities were originally scheduled, among which one met an abandon while three had been postponed for several times because of the social unrest and COVID-19 pandemic.  The last Workshop on “Financial Management of Business” held on the 26th of May was hosted by Mr. Gordon Lam and Mr. Angus Chau, both mentors of this scheme.  Not only did they highlight the salient points of business planning and financial forecasting, but the participants were also able to hear their solid managerial experience.

For more information about this scheme, please click here to visit the Facebook page of CUSE Fund.  If you have any enquiry, please contact Mr. Ng of this Centre at 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: From Incubation to Award-winning
Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: From Incubation to Award-winning

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