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List of Winners of CUSE Fund

Launched by this Centre in 2015-16, the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme has been encouraging CUHK students and recent graduates to make good use of their expertise to establish or expand social enterprises.  Participants of the scheme will be enrolled in a mentorship programme through which valuable advice on formulating business plan and practical skills of running an enterprise will be offered by experienced alumni in a one-on-one manner.  The horizon and business network of participants are also expected to be widened.  With the CUSE Fund set up under the scheme, participants will be able to create sustainable social impact on the society.

The Social Enterprise Startup Scheme of this academic year has drawn a participation of altogether 17 teams.  After half year of training activities and individual coaching, 12 teams were able to formulate business plans to compete for the CUSE Fund.  They attended the Project Presentation Day held on 28 June 2019 to introduce their ideas to the judging panel comprised of the following:

Convenor:Ms. Irene Ng (Director, I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development)
Member:Mr. Eric Yip (Chairman of AM Partners (Capital) Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Gordon Lam (Former Management Director of Citicorp China Investment
 Management Limited
Mr. Angus Chau (Executive Director and Executive Operation Officer of
 Universal Technologies Holdings Limited
Mr. Simon Ngai (Council Member of General Chamber of Social Enterprise)
Mr. Edmond Wong (General Manager of RB International Finance Hong Kong)

After serious consideration, the list of winners of the CUSE Fund is set out below:



Synopsis of Project

CUSE Fund HK$100,000 (per team)


A preventive approach to enhancing emotion education in Hong Kong, the Compassionate Communication School Programme aims to make structural changes on teacher training, curriculum and school environment via in-depth collaboration with schools.

One Pair Straw

To address the safety and hygiene issues brought up by prevailing reusable straws, an alternative model with innovative design is to be produced.  The existing tableware rental service will run parallel to this new product so as to encourage and educate the public to reduce waste at source.

Certificate of Merit

Hot Bath

Utilising technology to invent a bathing device for the elderly with less mobility to perform self-care during their baths.


It is a smart crutch to help people with dementia to enjoy outdoor activities safely.  With this hi-tech product, not only can the users enhance their self-care ability, but they would also improve negative emotions.


By encouraging the youngsters to take part in community activities and to reach out, their self-awareness and understanding of social issues will be promoted.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate the youngsters' realisation of their own value.

For more information about the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme, please click here to visit the Facebook page of CUSE Fund.  If you have any enquiry, please contact Mr. Or of this Centre at 3943 3227 (Tel) or timothycnor@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

List of Winners of CUSE Fund
List of Winners of CUSE Fund
List of Winners of CUSE Fund

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List of Winners of CUSE Fund

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