21. 07. 2019    ISSUE 20

Student Development Portfolio: Training Sessions for University Units

The Student Development Portfolio (SDP) is a university-wide electronic platform for capturing and presenting students' Experiential Learning Activities (ELA) under the I·CARE framework.  Its major functions for students include: (1) viewing of ELA offered by various units of the University; (2) updating and maintaining participation records; and (3) producing ELA Report to showcase learning achievements.  As for the University units, they could make use of the SDP to facilitate students' enrolment for ELA and generate basic statistics for future planning of ELA.

The success of students' benefit from the SDP hinges on the input of information by the University units in time.  To this end, this Centre will organise three workshops with identical content next month for the SDP users at the University units.  Participants will get to know the background and application of SDP, and have a chance to operate the online system under the guidance of the Information Technology Services Centre which was especially invited to perform on-site demonstration.  Schedule of the workshops is as follows:




26 August 2019 (Monday)

10:00 am - 12:00 noon

ITSC Training Room 102, 1/F, Pi Ch'iu Building

27 August 2019 (Tuesday)

28 August 2019 (Wednesday)

Details of the enrolment for the workshops were sent to the SDP users at the University units via email on 19 July.  To create an account in SDP, please obtain the registration form via email at sdportfolio@cuhk.edu.hk.

For more information about the SDP, please click here.  If there is any enquiry, please contact Ms. Hui of this Centre at 3943 3714 (Tel) or vickyhui@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Student Development Portfolio: Training Sessions for University Units

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Student Development Portfolio: Training Sessions for University Units

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