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I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Summary of 2018-19

The I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme encourages students to organise and implement self-initiated social services.  Three rounds of vetting are conducted in each academic year so that students may submit applications in accordance with the commencement date of their projects and the amount of funds required.  While the projects could take place in Hong Kong, the Mainland or overseas, they must be initiated by students.

After the training activities, individual coaching, proposal vetting and project presentation, the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme granted approximately HK$660,000 to 20 projects serving Hong Kong, the Mainland (e.g. Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces), and overseas countries (e.g. Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand).  A brief account of the projects is listed below:

NameKey Feature/ Service Recipient
Local (6 projects)
Gather Youth Power, Bye Cervical Cancer!Health education
ChildibsChildren of drug addict families
Bravery Ladders - A Subclinical Group for SEN Students Comorbid with Social Anxiety with Application of CBT and VR TechnologyStudents with special educational needs
Love · Care · Boundaryless 360Asylum seekers
Hand in Hand We Across the Rainbow LandChildren with cleft lip and palate
Searching for Authenticity and Appreciation - in Company with EczemaPatients with eczema
Mainland (7 projects)
The Guangzhou Tassel Voluntary ProjectVoluntary teaching for migrant children
Fujia Shenzhen ProgrammeVoluntary teaching for migrant children
Chung Chi The Suns Trip to JiangxiVoluntary teaching for children
Fujia Wuhan ProgrammeVoluntary teaching for left-behind children
Fujia Quanzhou Spring ProjectChildren whose parents are prisoners
Boarding & Learning Center for Commute Schoolchild in SanshaEducation for rural children
2019 Medical Outreachers Sichuan Medical Education and Service TripHealth education
Overseas (7 projects)
"With Love, We Hold Our Hands" Service Trip to Thailand SatunCommunity environment
Cambodia Siem Reap Voluntary Teaching Service TripVoluntary teaching for children
Blessing the Akha Communities with High Quality Second-hand ClothesClothes donation
Nepal Medical Service Trip: Project Namtar (IV)Health education
Doctor of Excellence Cambodia Service TripHealth education
Pathfinder Cambodia Volunteer Service 2019Health education
Sunshine in CambodiaVoluntary teaching

With regard to the training of this academic year, this Centre had rolled out activities on different themes.  They include "proposal writing skills", "the know-how of elderly service", "exploring changing social service needs in a changing trend", and "experience shared by successful project teams".  Some of them had welcomed participation of the interested students who were not applicants for subsidies from the I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme.

The I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme for 2019-20 will soon commence.  Stay tuned for our announcements.  For enquiries, please contact Miss He of this Centre at 3943 9859 (Tel) or athenahe@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Summary of 2018-19
I·CARE Social Service Projects Scheme: Summary of 2018-19

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