2017 No.4
Event: 2017 ICS Luncheon IV
At the ICS Luncheon on 30 October 2017, Professor Yu Siu Wah from the Department of Music delivered a talk on the topic "Dr. Ng Wing Mui (Auntie Mui, 1925–2014): A Hong Kong Naamyam Artist Who Passed Through the Centuries".

Professor Yu is currently Principal Investigator and Chief Editor of the book series Hong Kong Volumes of Annals of Chinese Opera and Anthology of Chinese Opera Music; Senior Research Fellow (Honorary) in the Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University. Yu's research interest ranges from organology, instrumental music, Chinese music history, Chinese operas, music of the Manchus and Mongols in the Qing court, popular music, to issues of music and politics in Hong Kong.

Professor Yu's lecture recalled his memories with Auntie Mui. He first met Auntie Mui in 1996 during a recording session, where he heard her refined art of Cantonese narrative singing, naamyam. However, she had already retired from the field when he saw her again in 2005. For the promotion of the CDs of the blind master naamyam singer, Dou Woon, he doggedly appealed to her to sing naamyam at the CD launch. Eventually she did sing for the occasion at the Central Library in 2008 and from there on she began the most glamorous final six years of her life. She was named Representative Heir of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of narrative singing naamyam by the Ministry of Culture of the PRC in 2013. In the same year she received an honorable doctorate of humanities from Lingnan University, Hong Kong. From the perspective of Chinese music,Professor Yu's lecture focused on how Auntie Mui transformed herself, from a little-known singer to a national-calibre artist in her final years.

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