2015 No.2
Event: "The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware" Opening Ceremony and Public Lecture Series, Art Museum

The Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) jointly present the exhibition "The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware". The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on Friday, 10 April 2015. The officiating guests included: Mr Winston Lo, Executive Chairman, Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd; Mr Chien Lee, Chairman, Bei Shan Tang Foundation; Dr Louis Ng, Deputy Director, Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Professor Joseph JY Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President, CUHK; Miss Eve Tam Mei-yee, Museum Director, Hong Kong Museum of Art; Professor Jenny F So, Director, Art Museum, CUHK; Mr Christopher Mok, Chairman, Advisory Committee, Art Museum, CUHK; and Professor Leung Yuen Sang, Director, Institute of Chinese Studies, CUHK.

After speeches by Professor Sung and Dr Ng, the co-curators of the exhibition, Ms Terese Tse Bartholomew and Ms Lai Suk Yee, introduced highlights from the exhibition, and Professor Choi Po-king sang the song "Love Song of Tea Mountain", accompanied by Mr Sou Si-tai on the flute. The well-attended opening was a great success.

In conjunction with the exhibition "The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware", the Art Museum successfully organised a one-day public lecture series on 11 April, drawing a large audience of 300 and generating keen interest among the public.

Speakers at the lecture series included Mr Xu Xiutang, Mr Xu Li and Mr Gao Zhenyu from mainland China, Mr Huang Chien Liang from Taiwan, as well as two local scholars, Dr Raymond Tang and Ms Lai Suk Yee. The Art Museum would like to thank all of the participants for their enthusiastic support.

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Officiaing guests cutting the ribbon to open the exhibition “The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware”.
Professor Joseph Sung delivering a welcoming speech at the ceremony. He hailed the treasures from the two collections, comparing them to the supreme Yitian sword and Tulong blade put together (referring to the well-known wuxia novel by Jin Yong [Louis Cha]).
Professor Choi Po-king of the Department of Educational Administration and Policy, CUHK, singing a song, with flute accompaniment by Mr Sou Si-tai, Chairman of the Deyin Qin Societ.
Mr Xu Xiutang, Master Craftsman of Chinese Handicraft, and renowned Yixing master potter, giving his lecture.
Dr Raymond Tang
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"The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware" Exhibition, Art Museum
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