2015 No.2
Event: 2015 Museum Professionals Training Workshop—Exhibition Curating and Museum Education, Art Museum

Sponsored by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, the first Museum Professionals Training Workshop was successfully held jointly by the Art Museum and the Fine Arts Department in 2013. Through a series of lectures, presentations, discussions and field visits, the workshop provided a unique development opportunity for more than 10 museum professionals from mainland China and Hong Kong.

Given the success of the 2013 workshop, the Art Museum hosted its second Museum Professionals Training Workshop on 10–22 May 2015. In addition to Bei Shan Tang's generous sponsorship, the 2015 workshop was co-organised by the Graduate School of Art-Culture Policy and Management, National Taiwan University of Arts. The workshop brought together 18 participants hailing from the Capital Museum, Anhui Provincial Museum, Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, Hunan Provincial Museum, the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office, the Conservation Office, the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, and many more.

This year's workshop theme was "Exhibition Curating and Museum Education". The Art Museum was able to assemble a team of 20 local and overseas museum experts to share their experience and insight through a series of keynote lectures. Participants also engaged in discussions and group presentations to enhance their learning. Moreover, the group visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, the Heritage Museum, the Museum of Art, Taipei's National Palace Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, among others, to exchange ideas with various museum professionals.

All of the participants greatly enjoyed the two-week intensive workshop. As well as sharing an enriched learning experience, they were particularly grateful to have met many talented peers. With continuous support from the Bei Shan Tang Foundation and museums locally and abroad, the Art Museum looks forward to hosting the next training workshop and to equipping more young museum professionals for a brighter career.

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