Biomedical Sciences Series aired on RTHK Radio 1 via《精靈一點》

Professors from our School were invited by RTHK Radio 1 to attend its live radio program 《精靈一點》(Biomedical Sciences Series). The Series, featuring "Biomedical Sciences", consisted of 7 episodes. The episodes were broadcasted on RTHK Radio 1 every Monday at 1 pm between 7 June and 19 July 2010.

In this Series, various topics related to "Biomedical Sciences" were addressed by Professors from our School including Prof. Wai-Yee Chan, SBS Director; Prof. Woody Chan, Associate Director (Graduate Education); Prof. Franky Chan, Chief of the TRP "Cancer and Inflammation" and its Members Prof. Alaster Lau and Prof. Stephen Tsui; Prof. Kingston Mak Member from the TRP "Stem Cells and Regeneration" and its Associate Member Prof. Faye Tsang; Prof. David Yew, Chief of the TRP "Neuro-degeneration, -development and Repair" and its Members Prof. S. O. Chan, Prof. W. H. Yung, Prof. Mary Waye and Associate Members Prof. Albert Martin Li, Prof. Calvin Pang; Prof. Christopher Cheng Chief of the TRP "Reproduction, Development and Endocrinology" and its Member Prof. P. S. Leung.

Below are the online archives of the program series:

RTHK Radio 1: Biomedical Sciences Series (1) to (7)

7 June 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (1): What is Biomedical Sciences?
[Invited Guests: Prof. Wai-Yee Chan and Prof. Woody Chan]

14 June 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (2): Cancer and Inflammation
[Invited Guests: Prof. Franky Chan and Prof. Alaster Lau]

21 June 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (3): Stem Cell Regeneration and Organ Transplantation
[Invited Guests: Prof. P. S. Leung, Prof. Kingston Mak, and Prof. Faye Tsang]

28 June 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (4): Sleep Disorders and Cognitive Function & Neurodegenerative Diseases
[Invited Guests: Prof. David Yew, Prof. W. H. Yung, and Prof. Albert Martin Li]

5 July 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (5): Nervous System Development and Plasticity
[Invited Guests: Prof. Woody Chan, Prof. S. O. Chan, and Prof. Calvin Pang]

12 July 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (6): Reproductive Endocrinology and Dysplasia
[Invited Guests: Prof. Wai-Yee Chan and Prof. Christopher Cheng]

19 July 2010
Biomedical Sciences Series (7): Genes of Inherited Diseases
[Invited Guests: Prof. Wai-Yee Chan, Prof. Mary Waye, and Prof. Stephen Tsui]

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Biomedical Sciences Series aired on RTHK Radio 1 via《精靈一點》
"Biomedical Research" Series published on Yahoo!Health

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