2018 No.3
Event: 2018 ICS Luncheon IV
  • My father Xu Beihong by Ms. Xu Fangfang

My father Xu Beihong
Ms. Xu Fangfang

It is our pleasure to have Ms. Xu Fangfang as the guest speaker for the first Institute of Chinese Studies luncheon in the new academic year. She gave a talk on "My Father Xu Beihong,"sharing her view on her father's art and memories of her family.

Famous for his ink brush paintings of galloping horses, pioneering Chinese artist Xu Beihong is considered one of the most influential figures in modern Chinese art history. He was the president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and chairman of the China Artists Association. Xu Fangfang, Xu Beihong's daughter, was born and raised in Beijing. She helped initiate and facilitate the first comprehensive solo US exhibition of Xu Beihong's work at Denver Art Museum. She has published several articles on Xu Beihong and his art, including her recent memoir, Galloping Horses: Artist Xu Beihong and His Family in Mao's China.

In her talk, she showed a numbers of images of Xu Beihong's masterpieces, including the well-known "galloping horses," "Wounded Lion," and "The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains," which were explained by Xu Beihong's aesthetic pursuits. The audience was moved and captivated by the stories about her family and their struggle during Mao's period. The talk attracted not only students and staff from the CUHK, but also people from all walks of life, such as artists and businessmen. "The talk is very meaningful and I wish to have more chance to know about Chinese art," said a member of the audience after the talk.

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