2019 Nov | Volume 180

What's New about ITSC Services 2019
Here, we summarize brief updates of some ITSC services in 2019.


Available to

Important Date

A. Survey Tool

TechSmith Camtasia Available

TechSmith Camtasia helps you create teaching and learning videos. You can capture screens, bring in video footage, edit videos with the drag-and-drop editor and share videos with your students.

Start creating your videos by completing the license registration via campus network / CUHK VPN.


Faculties, staff and students

License available until July 1, 2022

B. Survey Tool

Qualtrics Pilot Extended

The pilot period of Qualtrics has been extended. Its usage will be reviewed for on-going subscription plan. Try it now to create and distribute surveys with its handy design!


Staff & students

Pilot until 28 May 2020

C. Email / Mass Mail Service

Mailing List Service Upgrade

The service has its software upgraded with brand new user interfaces.


Departments & student organizations

Upgrade completed in May 2019

Retiree Email Service Switchover

It has been switched to Office 365 which provides a 50 GB mailbox to retirees.



Switchover completed on 18 Jul 2019

D. IT Facilities

New PC Models in User Areas / Learning Commons

PCs there are now running with its speed and performance improved.


Staff & students

Installation completed by Aug 2019

E. Software


MATLAB is now available for free. Go to CUHK's MATLAB Portal to download software and access a selection of online self-paced courses!


Departments, staff & students

From Sep 2019

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What's New about ITSC Services 2019

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