2019 Nov | Volume 180

Your Voice in Student User Satisfaction and Needs Survey 2019

ITSC Student User Satisfaction and Needs Survey 2019 has been conducted from March to May 2019 to collect students' thoughts on 24 types of IT service. These services include University applications, network services, computer facilities, information security and user support services.

According to the survey,

  • Approximately 80% respondents ranked all 24 types of services with moderate to high importance.
  • Approximately 80% respondents ranked 16 types of services with moderate to high satisfaction.
  • 37% respondents wanted to use (2-factor authentication) 2FA to improve the security in updating their personal data online and 29% were neutral to it.

Here we further summarize four services which students saw them important but with relatively low-moderate satisfaction.



Our Response


Slow / Unstable

The areas reported are managed by colleges and departments. Users were encouraged to voice their needs to help the planning of improving WiFi coverage and signal.


Unstable in China

This is a known issue due to gradual upgrade of China's Great Firewall.
Details: https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/all-it/wifi-and-network/cuhk-vpn/


Poor performance particularly in course enrolment

The system will be upgraded in Jan 2020 with improved functionalities and service enhancement.

Learning Commons & User Areas

Slow PCs

New PC models have been implemented in summer 2019 with better performance.

The Full Report: https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/project/student-user-satisfaction-and-needs-survey-2019/

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