School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Research Day 2014

With the joint efforts of the Organizing Committee of the SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2014 and the Graduate Education Office, the School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Research Day 2014 was successfully held on 11th and 12th December 2014. This annual branding event has continued to serve as a platform for our postgraduate students to learn from their peers and supervisors for five years.

The Postgraduate Research Day 2014 was held together with the Pan-Asian Biomedical Sciences Conference. More than 200 participants including our postgraduate students, teaching and research staff, our local and overseas guests joined this event. A total of 61 posters covering topics of the five Thematic Research Programs were displayed on the first day of the event. The authors of the best 10 posters were invited to give an oral presentation on their project on the second day to compete for various prizes.

Congratulations go to the following prize winners for their wonderful presentations and excellent research work:

First PrizeWU Ka ChunProf. KE Ya
Second PrizeMIU Kai KeiProf. LIN Ge
Second PrizeCHAN Ka Yu LeoProf. LEUNG Po Sing
Second PrizeYAN mingfeiProf. CHAN Man Lok Andrew
Third PrizeSHU YinglanProf. WAN Chao
Third PrizeYan Yik Chun LeoProf. KE Ya
Merit PrizeDENG Yu JieProf. MAK King Lun Kingston
Merit PrizeTIAN YuanProf. CHENG Sze Lok Alfred
Merit PrizeTU JiajieProf. LEE Tin Lap
Merit PrizeLIU Zhen qingProf. CHAN Hsiao Chang

Our School would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following members who contributed significantly to the success of this event:

Organizing Committee of the Postgraduate Research Day 2014:
Mr. YANG Zhiyuan (President)
Ms. ZHANG Xiaoting (Vice-President) 
Mr. LIAN Wei  (Vice-President)
Ms. ZHAO Qiannan (External Affairs)
Ms. HE Lei  (Internal Affairs)
Mr. SONG Wencong (Member)
Mr. SHI Mai  (Member)
Ms. MENG Chenling (Member)
Ms. CAO Dandan (Member)
Mr. NIU Yuzhe (Member)
Ms. LIANG Shuang (Member)
Ms. WANG Zhangting (Member)
Ms. ZHOU Xunian (Member)
Ms. LI Mingyue  (Member)
Ms. WU Shangying (Member)
Mr. MU Mingdao (Member)
Ms. QIAN Yan  (Member)
Ms. LI Jing  (Member)
Ms. SUN Yayi  (Member)
Mr. HU Wei  (Member) 

1. Cancer and Inflammation:
    Prof. CHAN Man Lok Andrew
    Prof. CHEN Yangchao
    Prof. CHENG Sze Lok Alfred
    Prof. NG Tzi Bun
    Prof. TSUI Kwok Wing Stephen

2. Neuro-degeneration, -development and Repair:
    Prof. CHAN Sun On
    Prof. KE Ya
    Prof. PONOMAREV Eugene D.
    Prof. RUDD John Anthony
    Prof. SHUM Sau Wun Alisa
    Prof. YUNG Wing Ho

3. Reproduction, Development and Endocrinology:
    Prof. CHAN Wai Yee
    Prof. CHAN Wood Yee
    Prof. CHENG Hon Ki Christopher
    Prof. Xia Yin
    Prof. YU Siu Bun Sidney

4. Stem Cell and Regeneration:
    Prof. FENG Bo
    Prof. JIANG Xiaohua
    Prof. LEE Ka Ho Kenneth 
    Prof. LI Gang
    Prof. LU Gang
    Prof. WAN Chao

5. Vascular and Metabolic Biology:
    Prof. YAO Xiao-qiang

Graduate Education Office:
Prof. CHAN Wood Yee Woody
Ms. CHAN Mei Tak Mandy
Ms. NG Sui Ching Nicole
Ms. LAU Liu Yin Yi Carmen

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Snapshot taken during the SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2014

Snapshot taken during the SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2014

Group photo taken during the SBS Postgraduate Research Day 2014

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