2024 Feb | Volume 194

Strengthen Cybersecurity Defenses Against Threats

Cyber risks come in various forms. Alongside familiar threats like malware and phishing, we now face ransomware, cloud security risks, and IoT vulnerabilities. These threats exploit system weaknesses to steal data, disrupt operations, and demand payment. 

You can safeguard yourselves by: 

Keeping Software Updated  

  • Secure your computers by keeping software updated and enabling with an anti-virus software (such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus which is available for free for all students and staff).  Keep virus signatures, spyware signatures, Windows and other software patches updated. 

Shutting down a Computer Device when it’s Not in Use 

  • Help prevent unauthorized access to the computer and the data stored on it. It reduces the risk of data breaches and other security incidents, and can also save energy. 

Using Strong Password and Encrypting Confidential Data 

  • Enable password protection for all your computing devices, smartphones and files (e.g. Excel and PDF files) containing confidential information.  


Being Cautious with Email links and Attachments 

  • Email is a common way to spread malware. It can damage your system, steal sensitive information, or compromise security. Do not reply or send any information to the senders or click any hyperlink of those e-mails and websites, until the authenticity of emails and websites can be verified. 

Check Information Security Best Practice for more tips. 


Stay vigilant! 

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