2024 Feb | Volume 194

How to Utilize ABC Skill in Study&Work at CUHK

Are you familiar with the essential ABC skills in the digital intelligence era? Don't want to be left behind? Let me quickly give you an overview of these powerful skills in just one minute. 

A for Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

  • AI is a technology that imitates human intelligence to perform tasks. It can keep improving based on the information it collects. 

  • CUHKers' AI Usage: 

    • With Copilot, you can focus on the big picture while it handles the details. 

    • Microsoft Copilot for the Web (formerly known as Bing Chat Enterprise)  is an AI-powered productivity tool. It provides you with a simple chat experience in web browsers such as Microsoft Edge . After login with your CUHK login, your chat data will be protected and would not be stored by Microsoft to protect privacy. Click here for further information.

B for Big Data 

  • Big data refers to a substantial volume of information. To efficiently handle this data, we seek cost-effective and inventive methods. Doing so enables us to enhance our understanding, make informed decisions, and delegate more tasks to machines. 
  • CUHKers' Big Data Usage: Power BI 

    • Power BI is more than just a data visualization tool; it's a window into the future and provides you with actionable insights. You can access it by logging into Microsoft 365 services.  

C for Cloud Computing 

  • Cloud computing offers the capability to efficiently scale, store, and retrieve data. This makes it an optimal choice for analyzing big data. By leveraging cloud resources, we can handle large datasets more effectively and derive valuable insights. 

  • CUHKers' Cloud Computing Usage: SharePoint + Power Automate 

    • Collaboration has evolved significantly. SharePoint enables seamlessly file sharing, real-time updates, and the exchange of innovative ideas among team members. Meanwhile, Power Automate efficiently handles repetitive tasks, automating routines and streamlining workflows. Together, these tools empower organizations to work smarter and more efficiently. 


When using AI assistants, it's important to be careful. They can make mistakes, so always check the information they give you before using it. Don't share personal or private information like passwords or contact details with them. For more tips, check out ITSC's Security Tips for details

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