2018 No.1
  • Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme, USC
  • Oxfam Visiting Scholar Programme, USC

Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme, USC

The USC has admitted the following scholars to the Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme and provided grants for them to conduct research. All incoming visiting scholars have been invited to give seminars or talks during their stay. For the latest information, please visit the USC website.

 NameInstitutionPeriod of Stay
1DONG GuoqiangFu Dan UniversityFrom 3-Jan-2018 to 8-Jan-2018
2Edwin SCHMITTUniversity of OsloFrom 3-Jan-2018 to 3-Feb-2018
3XU TongDocumentary Director (Beijing)From 14-Jan-2018 to 18-Jan-2018
4HUANG LiChina University of Geosciences (Wu Han)From 24-Jan-2018 to 6-Feb-2018
5WANG YangDocumentary DirectorFrom 26-Feb-2018 to 28-Feb-2018

Oxfam Visiting Scholar Programme, USC

This project responds to Oxfam's vision of a "World without Poverty" and the strategy of "Bring Oxfam to China, Bring China to Oxfam", and supports the Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC) by inviting mainland and overseas scholars from the fields of poverty reduction and sustainable social development to discuss possible solutions to social development problems, such as rural poverty, sustainable development, women's rights and children's education, from an academic perspective. The project also aims to increase the Hong Kong public's understanding of contemporary China, and to encourage their participation in anti-poverty campaigns through academic events such as lunch seminars, international forums, film screenings and other events related to Chinese society. All visiting scholars are invited to give seminars or talks during their stay. 

 NameInstitutionPeriod of Stay
1ZENG Xiaoxi Institute of Poverty Alleviation,
Renmin University of China 
From 1-Feb-2018 to 28-Feb-2018
2QU ZhaopengPopulation Research Institute,
Nanjing University Business School 
From 1-Feb-2018 to 22-Feb-2018
3WANG YuleiSouth China University of TechnologyFrom 1-Mar-2018 to 12-Mar-2018


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