The Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture 2012

Organized by the High School Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education, the "Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture" has been offered in every summer since 2000. The Seminar is sponsored by the Su-Shu-Lou Cultural & Educational Foundation, and co-organized by New Asia College, New Asia Middle School and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Culture Research Council. The programe has attracted School Principals and teachers from high schools in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. The total number of past participants has already exceeded 500.

The 12th Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture was held successfully from 12th-18th July 2012. The theme this year was "Harmony and Moderation in The Analects by Confucius". 67 participants (45% increase from 2011) from different parts of China took part in this programme.

"The Analects" is an important classic of Confucianism, how to apply the stimulating knowledge of this classic in the modern world lies not only in the indepth study of the scholars, but also on the education on the next generation from quality teachers.  The Seminar provides a good platform for participants to learn from renowned scholars and to exchange their view with fellow teachers.

We have also arranged the participants to visit the ICAC Headquarters of Hong Kong where they come to understand how Hong Kong prevents and fights corruption.  The group has also visited Chi Lin Nunnery.

Promoting traditional Chinese culture is one of the missions of New Asia College and we believe that participants could bring their experiences and what they have learned from this Seminar back to their schools and inspire the next young generation.

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