17. 11. 2017    ISSUE 3

"Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme Successfully Launched

Co-organised by the University Physical Education Unit and this Centre, the "Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme commenced in mid-October and is going to last for approximately two months.  The Scheme provided each of the 51 CUHK participants with an opportunity to receive eight sessions of professional training in a sport of his/ her choice (street run, rope skipping or badminton).  At the same time, they were enabled to partner secondary students from the adjacent locality as their mentors to share the joy, knowledge and skills of playing sports.

"This is my first time experiencing rope skipping.  With the professional guidance of the trainer, I have acquired some basic techniques.  I find this sports very interesting and I really enjoy it!" said one of the CUHK participants who chose to learn rope skipping.  On the other hand, a secondary student who joined street run expressed his gratitude to his mentor, "I am not good at running and am always lagging behind the team.  Thanks for the support of my mentor who keeps encouraging me and be with me all the way."

As a fusion of physical training and volunteer service, the "Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme not only bolsters all participants' self-confidence and perseverance, but it also helps establish horizons of the secondary students with less involvement in social events.

“Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme Successfully Launched!

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