17. 11. 2017    ISSUE 3

S.I. Leadership Award - Calls for Application Now

CUSE Fund under this Centre and Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK will jointly launch the S.I. Leadership Award for CUHK students and alumni who are interested in social enterprise / social business.  Through training, mentorship and competition, the Award encourages participants to form teams to implement their social enterprise / social business initiatives.  In addition to acquiring professional knowledge on social enterprise / social business, participants of different disciplines will gain inspirations on innovative idea through collaboration with their counterparts.


1.Social Enterprise Track:for projects with objectives other than poverty alleviation
2.Social Business Track:for projects aiming at poverty alleviation


1.Each team should consist of 2 to 10 participants, at least half of which should be CUHK students or alumni.
*The Social Enterprise Track only accepts CUHK alumni who graduated within the last three years.
2.The Project Leader (PL) of each team should be either a CUHK student or alumnus. Participants may
serve as a PL for one team only.
3.To qualify for enrolment, the PL should attain an attendance rate of at least 50% in the S.I. Leadership
Workshop I (conducted in October and November 2017), or else the team concerned may need to be
screened before entering the competition.
4.The organiser reserves the right to revise the guidelines from time to time without prior notice to the


24 November 2017 at 11:59 pm


Please click here to register online.


1.Social Enterprise Track:Each selected team will receive a maximum of HK$100,000 as seed funding for
their projects.
2.Social Business Track:The best two teams will be awarded the Championship, each of which will
receive a maximum of HK$80,000 as seed funding for a year (the funding period
may be extended to another year).

Important dates

15 December 2017:Announcement of results
January to April 2018:S.I. Leadership Workshop II
15 June 2018:Submission deadline for business plan
6 July 2018:Presentation

If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms. Chan at ysbc@cuhk.edu.hk, or click here to visit the Facebook page of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK.

S.I. Leadership Award - Calls for Application Now

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