17. 11. 2017    ISSUE 3

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Training Activities

The I·CARE Programme runs a Community Research Scheme in which the participants will be divided into small groups to reach out to the community and to conduct research on contemporary local issues.  The research topics for this academic year include "Ma On Shan Community Development" and "Elderly-friendly Housing", and the Scheme has recorded an enrolment of over 70 students from different disciplines.

Participants will form research teams to carry out an eight-month community research to learn more about the marginalised groups.  To facilitate participants' better understanding of the objectives of the Scheme and the research directions, a kick-off meeting was held on 18 October.  In addition, four training activities were organised in the last two weeks, namely "Home Visit to Subdivided-unit Residents", "On Shan Discovery Guided Tour", "Elderly Home Visit and Interview Training" and "Community Research and Asset Map Design Workshop".

To get to know more about the research subjects and to fine-tune the methodology, the teams will be engaged in a number of on-site studies of the community and pay home visits to the elderly in the upcoming months.

For more information, please click here.  Any enquiries could be directed to Mr. Ng of this Centre via 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Training Activities

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I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Training Activities

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