17. 11. 2017    ISSUE 3

University Lecture on Civility - I·CARE Salon (8th & 9th Sessions)

Riding on the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia, I·CARE Salon is honoured to have invited Prof. Jin Yan and Prof. Qin Hui to be speakers of its 8th and 9th Sessions respectively.  While Prof. Jin talked on The Birth of a Socialism Country - the Two Periods of Transformation in Russia during 1917-1918, Prof. Qin chose Historical Positioning of the Russian Revolution as the title of his speech.

The two lectures were held on 7 and 8 November respectively.  Prof. Chow Po-chung of the Department of Government and Public Administration facilitated the discussion in the earlier lecture and Prof. Chen Fong-ching, former Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies, served as moderator in the latter one.  Both of them were held successfully with a full house. The audiences came from not only the CUHK community but also the general public.

For review of the 9th session of Prof. Qin, please click here.

The I·CARE Salon for Term 1 of this academic year has come to an end for now.  It will continue to prepare for the upcoming sessions in Term 2 to offer participants a platform for exchange of insights on significant academic, cultural and social issues.

University Lecture on Civility - I·CARE Salon (8th & 9th Sessions)

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University Lecture on Civility - I·CARE Salon (8th & 9th Sessions)


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