04 JAN 2023 ISSUE 17
4. Departmental Activities

Ming Pao Education Expo 2022

Ming Pao Education Expo 2022 was successfully held on 9-10 July 2022 at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. 

Prof. Chan Kin Wai and Dr Chan Chun Man were invited to give a seminar on big data and artificial intelligence and the career prospects in these fields. Mr Dominic Leung, who is an alumnus of the Department, shared his internship experience with the secondary school students and parents. 
Prof. Chan Kin Wai   Dr Chan Chun Man   Alumnus Leung Cheuk Wai, Dominic  

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3. Prizes and Awards

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4. Departmental Activities

Ming Pao Education Expo 2022
MSc Annual Dinner
The Virtual Symposium on Statistics and Risk Management 2021
5. Sharing from Awardees of Overseas Research Award for PhD Students
6. Global Young Scientists Summit 2022
7. Exchange Sharing
8. Department Summer Internship Programme
9. Internship Sharing

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