04 JAN 2023 ISSUE 17
The Virtual Symposium on Statistics and Risk Management 2021

The Virtual Symposium on Statistics and Risk Management 2021 was held on 10-11 December 2021 via ZOOM. It aimed to bring together scholars and researchers to present state-of-the-art research topics in statistics and risk management in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

More than 100 participants from local and overseas institutions attended the virtual symposium, and 10 invited speakers shared their research output in statistics and risk management. Prof. Song Xinyuan, Department Chair, delivered the welcome speech and introduced the invited speakers at the opening ceremony.

Invited Talks on 10 December 2021


Ian McKeague
Columbia University
Empirical Likelihood Based Inference for Functional Means with Application to Wearable Device Data
Xiaotong Shen
University of Minnesota
Inference for a Large Directed Graphical Model with Interventions
Peter Song
University of Michigan
Developing Adaptive Metrics with Relevant Questions from a Questionnaire via Best Subset Algorithms
Wenyang Zhang
University of York
A Synthetic Regression Model for Large Portfolio Allocation
Hongtu Zhu
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Challenges in Biobank-scale Brain Imaging Genetics


Invited Talks on 11 December 2021



Jeff Adie
NVIDIA Corporation
Modelling The Earth for Future Climate Risks
Simon Kwok
The University of Sydney
A Consistent and Robust Test for Autocorrelated Jump Occurrences
Nicolas Privault
Nanyang Technological University
Berry-Esseen Bounds for Functionals of Independent Random Variables
Hiroshi Shiraishi
Keio University
Time Series Quantile Regressions by using Random Forest
Jae Kyung Woo
UNSW Sydney
Optimal Relativities, Profitability, and Efficiency in a Modified Bonus-Malus System



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