25. 03. 2018    ISSUE 7

Research on Homeless Mental Health: Outcome Announcement

A press conference was held at Hollywood Road Park, Sheung Wan a month ago to announce the findings of the research project on "Homeless Mental Health", which commenced under I·CARE Community Research Scheme in 2015-16.

The research team had been carrying out the studies in an in-depth way for around two years via (1) interviewing the homeless with different mental health problems and their medical and social service providers; (2) reviewing related literatures; and (3) addressing letters to the relevant governmental departments.  It was found that existing medical and social services could hardly cater for the needs of the homeless with mental illnesses.  The team therefore suggested that the government should develop mobile outreach medical service to narrow down the service gap and to facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration.  The press conference was widely reported by the local media.  Please click here for details of the "Report of the Mental Health Services for Homeless People in Hong Kong".

For more information about the I·CARE Community Research Scheme, please click here.  Any enquiries could be directed to Mr. Ng of this Centre via 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Research on Homeless Mental Health: Outcome Announcement
Research on Homeless Mental Health: Outcome Announcement

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Research on Homeless Mental Health: Outcome Announcement

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