25. 03. 2018    ISSUE 7

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

Over the past month, participants of the I·CARE Community Research Scheme have been working hard in conducting studies on "Elderly-friendly Housing" and "Ma On Shan Community Development".

Having fine-tuned the questionnaire for data collection, the research team on "Elderly-friendly Housing" paid home visits to the live-alone elderly in a public housing estate in Fanling to understand their health condition, self-caring ability, and social network, with an aim to identify potential elderly to join the first trial of the smart-home security system.  The team will focus on assessing the effectiveness of this community-based system if used for improving the live-alone elderly's quality of life and home safety.

Regarding the team on "Ma On Shan Community Development", three small groups were formed under it to conduct thematic researches.  To better plan an experiment on public spacing, the group on "Revitalising Community Public Space" is in the course of devising a questionnaire for an interview with the residents of Ma On Shan.  The group on "Intergenerational Life Skills Exchange" strives to be in touch with secondary school students and elderly in the locality to explore the life skills that can be exchanged between the two parties; while the group on "Stories of Community Shops" has been mapping the locations and characteristics of community shops and gathering the stories behind to study their culture.

For more information about the I·CARE Community Research Scheme, please click here.  Any enquiries could be directed to Mr. Ng of this Centre via 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update
I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

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