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I·CARE Theatre - A Finale of Three Films in a Chain

The I·CARE Theatre, co-organised by this Centre and The Office of the Arts Administrator, was rolled out in the start of this year and has been bringing you a fine selection of films under the theme "Glitter in the Gloom".  Its finale of this academic year will lie on April.  Three films namely An, Nobody Knows, and Once* will, therefore, be screened on 13 April 2018 (Friday) at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall in one go.  Details are as follows:

Time:7:00 pm
Duration:109 minutes
Language:Japanese, with subtitles in Chinese

Film:Nobody Knows
Time:9:00 pm
Duration:141 minutes
Language:Japanese, with subtitles in Chinese

Time:11:30 pm
Duration:87 minutes
Language:English, with subtitles in Chinese

This screening is exclusive for CUHK students, staff and alumni.

Please click here for more information.  If there is any enquiry, you may contact Ms. Ho of this Centre via 3943 8621 (Tel) or icare@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

*Synopsis of Films

Sentaro, owner of a small dorayaki store, has been living a mundane life with no direction.  One day, he was approached by a kind old woman, Tokue, who was looking for a job at his store.  With over 50 years of experience in making sweet red bean paste, Tokue impresses Sentaro by her delicious homemade recipe.  As Sentaro's business starts to thrive, he learns from Tokue the key factors leading to success, namely time, attitude, attention, and effort.  Sentaro also begins to realise the meaning of life. Tokue has once suffered from leprosy.  When the customers learnt of this, they tried staying away from the store.  Sentaro feels hopeless and helpless again; all he can do is to let Tokue go……Through An, let us experience the essence of making sweet red bean paste and have a closer look at how Sentaro and Tokue struggled to live a meaningful life.

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows was inspired by a real child abandonment case occurred in Tokyo, Japan.  It tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Akira, who has been living with his single mother and three younger half-siblings.  Nobody knows the existence of these four children - they have never left home, not to mention attending school.  One day morning, Akira woke to find that his mother had absconded, leaving them just a note and some cash on the table.  Being the eldest amongst the four, Akira has since been determined to take good care of the younger three.  Would Akira be capable of bearing such a heavy burden of responsibility?

An unnamed busker (Guy), who is a composer and singer, lives his musical dreams by performing his songs on the street at Dublin.  Guy's performance attracts nobody's attention except that of an unnamed passer-by (Girl), who shares the same goal with him.  Girl is a musician, and she regularly plays piano at the music store where she has her first-time collaboration with Guy.  They sing and play one of Guy's songs together. Since then their romantic connection has begun to swirl, as if a new relationship is about to blossom.  But things just do not always go as expected.  Guys later learnt that Girl is a separated mother of a two-year-old daughter and that she is longing for the return of her daughter's father.  This romantic yet nostalgic love story is not only transmitted through the music of Guy and Girl, but will also be engraved in the audiences' heart.


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I·CARE Theatre - A Finale of Three Films in a Chain

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I·CARE Theatre - A Finale of Three Films in a Chain

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