24. 01. 2021    ISSUE 28

I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme: Activities Update

The “Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop”, being the first activity of the I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme of this academic year, was successfully held online on the 21st of last month.  Participants including 10 CUHK students and their respective senior family members were led by an experienced tutor to learn and co-create Pastel Nagomi Art with the theme “Christmas” and “Family”.  This activity also comprised a quiz game to enhance the participants’ affinity as well as a session for the students to massage their elderly partners to ease their tiredness.

The I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme aims at facilitating interaction between the aged and the young, so as to promote mutual understanding and respect across different generations.  The keynote of this academic year lies on the reinforcement of communication between students and their senior family members for achieving a harmonious family relationship.  The next activity under this progamme will resemble the current one but change the means to “Carlimba”.  Details will be announced in due course.

If there is any enquiry about the I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme, please contact Miss He of this Centre via 3943 9859 (Tel) or athenahe@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme: Activities Update

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