24. 01. 2021    ISSUE 28

I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19

Recently, this Centre has published the I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19 that documents not only the work of the I·CARE Programme in the said period, but also a sketch of the University’s electronic platform “Student Development Portfolio”, which is administered by this Centre, and the activities for enriching student life.  For other information of the I·CARE Programme such as its governance and the donors’ list, this bulletin will make for good reference (please click here for the complete version).

In line with its motto “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”, the I·CARE Programme aims to inspire students to actively partake in social and civic services.  It also facilitates the release of students’ holistic competencies so that they will become able to enhance the wellness of people in the local, regional and global communities.  The programme is portrayed in the I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19 by eight flagship projects, namely 1) University Lecture on Civility; 2) Social Service Projects Scheme; 3) Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative; 4) Community Research Scheme; 5) NGO Internship Programme; 6) Social Enterprise Startup Scheme; 7) I·CARE Achievers Programme; and 8) Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK.

The I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19 is expected to enable CUHK members and the public to better understand the mission of the I·CARE Programme and to sustain their passion for the non-formal educational activities of this Centre, which will benefit both students of CUHK and the wider community.  To sponsor our operation, please fill out the online form via here, or contact this Centre at 3943 8621 (Tel) or icare@cuhk.edu.hk (Email) for enquiry.

I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19

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“10 Years of I·CARE - Dreams to be Fulfilled” of University Lecture on Civility 2021

Classics of University Lecture on Civility: More Subtitled Versions Available

“Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme: Recruitment

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Progress Update

2nd Round of Social Service Projects Scheme: Open for Application

I·CARE NGO Internship Programme (Hong Kong): Call for Application

I·CARE Triennial Report 2016-19

I·CARE Achievers Programme: Recent Development of Core Group

I·CARE Cross-generational Integration Programme: Activities Update

Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment of Yunus Social Business Centre

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

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