24. 01. 2021    ISSUE 28

Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment of Yunus Social Business Centre

The Yunus Social Business Centre at CUHK (YSBC@CUHK), which is an affiliate of this Centre, has recently developed the “Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment” to equip young people with knowledge and skills of the reduction of impoverishment.  They will also understand related perspectives and values which are instrumental to their formulation and implementation of poverty alleviation projects.

This “Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment” was developed based on the assessment framework named “Maximising Your Impact” and illustrated by actual application to a project of YSBC@CUHK.  The aforesaid framework was jointly created by Estonian Social Entrepreneurship Network, Koc University Social Impact Forum, Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, and Social Value UK, with social enterprises as the primary target.  It aims to provide business operators with a practical means to drive decisions and arrive at recommendations (i.e. to change, cease or expand the activity).

The purpose of social impact assessment is to bring about a sustainable and equitable social environment.  Through such assessment process, practitioners and policymakers can better inform the public of the future planning of social services.  Besides, it is useful for promoting the effectiveness of social services and encourage public’s appreciation of the services.  Its forward-looking characteristics is also beneficial to long-term social service policy planning and sector development.

To learn more about this “Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment”, please click here to visit the website of YSBC@CUHK.

Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment of Yunus Social Business Centre

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